Social Activism and Hacking

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One of the discussions that is in process on LinkedIn concerns social activism hacking. It has a great breadth of discussion with knowledgeable people and our CSE - Kat Lind has enjoyed participating in that discussion. ( In support of her discussion, we ran a projection for social activism hacking based on the foundation of security analysis from the SIL heuristic database (220+PB). The data that was pulled identifies the successful security incursions that fall into the classification of hacking and social activism, as that discussion has defined it. SIL has only gathered detailed data in this area for about 20 years (19 years, 10 months), so the graph only goes back that far. As can be seen on the chart, the trend has been rising. 


There are several important assumptions on the projection that should be kept in mind. First of all, remember that these are only SUCCESSFUL incursions. That means that all of the attempts that do not achieve any of their goals are ignored. The second assumption is that the meaning of hacking, social activism, etc. do not change over the projection period. This analysis factors in increasing sophistication in both defending organizations and attackers. There are a lot of different ways that a deeper dive analysis could go, but that is normally what SIL provides for GSW members or in response to specific queries. 


From any perspective, the advent and growth in this area is a new battlefield for organizations.

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